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JAO Builders at DZAR 1026 Sonshine Radio – Doble Birada



Ms. Pam Cabrera, Business Development Director speaks for JAO Builders at DZAR 1026 Sonshine Radio’s Doble Birada hosted by Mr. Allan Tamondong and Mr. Admar Vilando with special appearance of Mr. Aljo Bendijo. 


JAO Builders Dental Mission


JAO Builders and Development Corporation has carved its mark in the world of home building. One of the country’s leading residential construction companies, JAO owes much of its success on its immensely talented labor workforce.  In its 17-year existence, the company has always prided itself in having a very competent roster of construction workers responsible for bringing countless dream homes into reality.

Now, JAO is giving back. In a bid to show gratitude to their roster of tireless workers, as well as to point out the oft-neglected importance of dental health, the company is launching a dental mission to improve the smiles of its field workers and, ultimately, start improving their overall health and well being.  With the help of Dr. Yolanda Bahaya and selected National University Students, the dental mission was held last February 22, 2014 at JAO Builders’s main office in Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

JAO Builders has given its construction workers something to smile about.


JAO featured as one of Home Base’s Best

JAO thanks everyone who watched Home Base’s recently concluded episode – 23rd of June 2012. We also wish to thank Home Base for its aim of helping the future homebuilder with realizing their dream house. Hoping you found the features informative so you can build your dream home soon! Thanks again and bye for now.

JAO featured as one of Home Base’s Best

JAO thanks everyone who watched Home Base’s recently concluded episode – 23rd of June 2012. We also wish to thank Home Base for its aim of helping the future homebuilder with realizing their dream house. Hoping you found the features informative so you can build your dream home soon! Thanks again and bye for now.

Bb. JAO Puts a Spin on Grace, Glamour, Wit and Sophistication

There was a party-carnival atmosphere last May 25, 2012 at the JAO Builders lounge as JAO held its annual search for Bb. JAO 2012. Everyone got into the spirit of fun and some audience members even provided impromptu song numbers. The contestants were Gelli Moreno aka Angelica Panganiban, Aleah Altar aka Lovi Poe, Lhynie Sy aka Heart Evangelista, Chezka Hugo aka KC Concepcion, and Gerlie Perez aka Sam Pinto were from the Creative, Technical Operations, Technical Design, Customer Relations and Human Resources Departments respectively.

It was an evening full of good fun as the contestants gave their own version of beauty pageants. They showed their talents, their wit and intelligence when asked about hot issues like Lady Gaga’s songs, transgenders joining beauty pageants, Corona impeachment and the Scarborough dispute.  And most importantly gave everyone a good laugh.  As an added bonus to the fun and entertainment a raffle draw was held with grocery items as prizes.

Looking forward to next year as we crown JAO’s ambassador of beauty and charm.

Bb JAO list of winners

Face of the night

Gelli Moreno / Chezka Hugo

Ms. Talent

Lhynie Sy

Best in Gown

Gerlie Perez / Aleah Altar

4th runner up

Aleah Altar

3rd runner up

Gelli Moreno

2nd runner up

Chezka Hugo

1st runner up

Gerlie Perez

Bb. JAO 2012

Lhynie Sy


JAO Builders and Home Base Working To Build Houses into Dream Homes

JAO Builders always goes by on this basic rule: We build dream homes. The TV show Home Base’s vision is to build homes and change lives. With those two guiding principles JAO Builders and Home Base is definitely a good match.

The show very much mirrors JAO Builders’ services. Here at JAO Builders we do not start and end with building you your dream house. The same way Home Base stories show you all the stages in construction – from acquiring loans, designing the house, building the home, up to the very last phase. The show’s concept seems to embody the type of service JAO Builders built its reputation on. We definitely have the same business ideas!  We also feel Home Base’s teaser tagline perfectly expresses what we have always worked for “A must watch for every homebuilder and anyone who’s ever imagined a dream home.”

Join us and Home Base on its premier telecast 28th of April 2012, 9-930am on GMA News TV. And see how we build houses into dream homes.


JAO and EMHE’s “Big Reveal”

Last Sunday’s episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition Philippines was just absolutely overwhelming. It was the climax of a week that started with plans, excitement and hopes for the Austria family. What started as an old, run-down, cramped house became a home that would serve to remind the family that sometimes dreams really do come true and that Apong Norma’s good deeds were not overlooked and have not gone unnoticed both by her neighbors and the fates.

JAO Builders Team with Apong Norma

The show just kept building on the excitement and drama as the team first came to the Austria residence. As the team and the audience are introduced to the matriarch of the family Apong Norma, you cannot help but root for them and be hopeful and happy for what would come next. It literally was as they say the stuff dreams were made of. After suffering tragedy herself by losing 5 of her children and her husband she bravely carried on, and even though poor, Apong Norma admirably shared what she had – herself, serving and helping the people of her community.

Before picture of Apong Norma's House

There were also light moments courtesy of the bubbly Tessa Prieto. Representing the feminine side of the team; Divine Lee, Marilen Faustino and Tessa early on made design suggestions with their uber girly taste in color schemes. Tristan Jovellana reined that all in with the use of more neutral colors “para hindi naman mukang rainbow yung bahay nila.”

Kitchen and dining hall

Everyone in the team (including JAO Builders) felt the importance of the project as they already saw the house of the Austria’s, the airless, lightless, restricted space ten people call as their house. The house had no indoor plumbing and was sweltering in the heat because they don’t have ceilings. As the house had limited space the team had to work with and around that. And who better to call as their build partner but JAO  who has had a lot of experience working with what land is already there; and making it into something one hopes to own as their house.

It was nothing less than exciting for the Austria family and for the audience too as they watch the family in taking their very first vacation, buying a television and even meeting TV 5’s roster of young starlets. It was just one surprise after another. But it was all a preview for the biggest one yet – the completion of their dream home!At last the day of the big reveal came. And with the show’s now signature expression of “move that bus” unveiled what everyone has been eagerly waiting for. It was just gratifying to see the Austria family made happy by their dream home. And to see that the former space their house occupied can be transformed. They couldn’t (frankly even the people who were watching) believe that the team could even fit in a massage room even after all the amenities were built. It was just absolutely incredible. Indeed it was an extreme makeover not only for the house but for the lives of the Austria family members.